Sunmarks Hotel Group

India is a country of diversity yet It is considered as the only unique place which exhibits an assemblage and unity of different cultures and traditions which is different from the other countries.
However, the food and living environment is not sufficient for Japanese people who work and live in our county.
India has always stood by its values of preaching ‘Guests as equivalent to God’, Thus we at SUNMARKS are dedicated to provide our Guests with best environment to work and live comfortably in foreign land and feel at home.
Sunmarks is challenging new standards that go beyond the traditional services for its guests.
A clean and hygienic living environment, affordable and delicious meals using safe ingredients and trained staff to make your stay pleasant.

Meet our team

Sunmarks is a combination of two words SUN- Japan MARK - India. As its name suggest it is a venture of Japan and India.
From left to right: Mr. Navneet Singh - Director, Mr. Keiji Tajiri – C.E.O., Mr. Rajesh Yadav -Chairman